Princeton, United States

Stories of Asians and Asian Americans at Princeton

Stories of Asians and Asian Americans at Princeton

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International Students

Students from Asian countries attended Princeton by the 1870s

3 min

Early University Engagement with Asia

Student involvement in Asia began with Christian missionary work abroad

3 min

Academic Lens on Asia

The earliest Princeton courses related to Asian cultures taught language

4 min

Asian Americans at Princeton

Three first-generation Asian Americans graduated from Princeton in the 1930s

3 min

Spotlight on World War II

A Japanese student was effectively under house arrest at Princeton during WWII

3 min

Asian and Asian American Faculty

Asian scholars began to join the faculty in greater numbers in the 1950s and 1960s


Asian and Asian American Women at Princeton

Asians and Asian Americans were among the first women to earn degrees from Princeton

3 min

Community and Activism

Student groups focused on Asian and Asian American identity began in the 1970s

2 min

Administrative Leadership

Asians & Asian Americans have held leadership roles at the University since the 1980s

2 min

Fighting for Asian American Studies

After 30 years of advocacy, a Certificate in Asian American Studies began in 2018

3 min

Student Cultural Groups

More than 40 student organizations focus on Asian cultures and heritage

3 min


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30 s


Stories of Asians and Asian Americans at Princeton explores the history of Asians and Asian Americans affiliated with Princeton University, from the international students who enrolled in the nineteenth century to the array of campus cultural organizations today. Watch the complete video from Princeton's 2015 We Flourish alumni conference at

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