Community Guidelines

We understand that you’d much rather get on with creating your first tour than reading these guidelines. Honestly, we feel the same way!...

Nevertheless, after putting so much time and energy into building these beautiful tools, we want to make sure that GuidiGO continues to be exactly as we dreamed: a friendly, welcoming place for sharing high quality content between the curious and the passionate. So, we are sure you will understand our need to include the following good practice guidelines...

Who can use GuidiGO ?

The GuidiGO site and mobile application can be used by anyone over the age of 18 (or with parental consent from the ages of 13-18). GuidiGO Studio is accessible only to registered users.

GuidiGO is a community site dedicated to the creation and publishing of interactive guided tours. If you wish to experience new places, rediscover your own region or share your own passion for a particular place or subject, GuidiGO is the right place for you.

Create and share interesting content with the GuidiGO Community

While users’ tastes and interests may differ, the purpose of sharing your tour is for other users to learn something, so please make sure your content includes a cultural, historic or artistic interest. Also, stay tuned, as our platform will soon enable you to publish private tours reserved for a select group of users of your choice. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as this functionality is available.

Create original and quality content

The key to your success on GuidiGO is the quality and originality of your content. Make sure your tour contains original material and do not copy content from others without their written autorisation.

GuidiGO includes the necessary tools to enable you to upload audio and visual material of high quality to ensure best results.So make sure your images and audio narrative are of a high quality before publishing your tour.

Keep in mind, if your photo or audio content is too big, GuidiGO will automatically reduce it to the appropriate size. If on the otherhand, it is of poor audio quality or low resolution, there is nothing we can do to improve the quality.

Stick with places and subject matters that you know well

Sounds obvious no doubt, but for your tour to really bring value to the GuigiGO user community, you really need to know the place you are describing well. What this means is you really need to either live or have lived in the place your are describing for a considerable amount of time, or at least have spent a significant amount of time there.

If your tour has a particular theme (e.g. fashion, architecture, music, etc.) you need to be an expert on the subject matter. Don’t hesitate to let the community know your expertise (e.g. Certified Architect with 20 years experience, etc.) And please be honest, as any statements you make will be relied upon by the GuidiGO community...

Only publish completed tours

This goes without saying... but we’ll say it anyway: don’t publish incomplete tours. Think about the disappointment of users and visitors who may download your tour... "Private" publication enables you to test your tour on your iPhone until it's ready to become "Public".

A useful tip: You have the option of reviewing your tour, before publishing by clicking on the "Preview" button which is visible at the foot of each page during the creation stage.

Respect Copyright protection and Intellectual property laws in general

Make sure you only use content including images for which you have the necessary rights to publish, either because you created the content or because you have received authorization from the author or rights holder. If there are identifiable people in your photos, you must obtain their authorization before publishing.

If required, don’t forget to give credits for images used in the space provided. You may use reproductions of works of art which are in the public domain provided that the photos of those works are not themselves copyright protected.

And most importantly

Have fun creating and sharing nice tours!

The GuidiGO team.