Interactivity & Gaming

Create treasure hunts, mystery quests, quizzes, and more.

Now, for the first time, you can make your stories truly interactive. Engage visitors of all ages with an entertaining and educational experience. Read more below to find out how you can use GuidiGO Studio to create powerful, engaging, and informative interactive content.

Use templates

Our templates for challenges, mystery words, quizzes... make it easy to create the kind of tour you want. If you need more customization, you can dive in and define your own game genres—with more than 100 possible combinations. You control everything down to the tiniest detail.

Augmented Reality and Image Recognition

Hide virtual artifacts throughout your venue. Thanks to instant image recognition, users will discover them in augmented reality as if they were real.

Photo Booth

Create photo challenges so your users become part of the story. Encourage users to take unique snap shots with augmented reality objects—give them memories that will last long after the tour is over.

Adjust Difficulty

By carefully defining points to collect, challenges, and options, you can build different levels of difficulty. Think the game is too challenging? Give users more tries or provide them with key items and artifacts after they miss a challenge.

Inventory Items

Give points to your players and enhance your game by allowing them to collect messages, jigsaw pieces, or letters to reveal mystery words and hidden symbols.

Why Games?

Nothing draws us in faster than a game. The clear goals, instant rewards, and inherent challenge and uncertainty make games one of the best ways to learn and engage with the world around us.


By interacting with the world around them through a challenging game, visitors become emotionally engaged and feel more connected to their environment.


Everyone loves answering riddles and quizzes! Add to that a great story and a fascinating context and your visitors will feel like they are characters in the game.


Each step in the game—challenges, artifacts, clues…— is a reason to learn something new. Games stimulate all the cognitive skills: focus and attention, memory, logic and reasoning, and auditory and visual processing for any age group.

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