Leading the industry in visitor experience mobile technology.

Harness the power of modern handheld devices. Use contextual images, videos, image recognition, Bluetooth beacons, augmented reality, and so much more. Simply—amaze your visitors!

Smart publishing...

No need to manage multiple apps. Once your tour is published, it is instantly available on any platform (Apple, Android, Web).

... and Easy Updates

Forgot something? No problem. Just edit your tour and click update once you’re done. Your users will be notified automatically.

Tour Previews

Watch your tour come to life while you work. Simply switch to preview mode with the click of a button. You can even click and navigate through the preview just like the live app.

Indoor Positioning

Our unique positioning algorithm based on Bluetooth LE beacons accurately positions users on a map. From beginning to end, setup is quick and easy.

Location-Based Stories

Trigger contextual stories for the richest experience. Simply select BLE Beacons or GPS address options to prompt visitors with contextual audio and visual content relevant to their location.

Add Maps

For indoor use, you can upload your own maps. GuidiGO supports multiple maps, allowing you to upload a map for each level or area of your location.

Image Recognition

As easy as uploading a picture. Add reference images and let users simply point and click to get results.

Custom-made technology, works offline, unlimited number of scans, superfast recognition, no third-party software!

Numeric Search, Text Search…

No need to change your current reference system. You are free to choose how your visitors will search your content.

Custom-made technology, works offline, no third-party software!

The most advanced multimedia editor in the industry

Simply add your audio, or record it on the spot, and add images to support the story. Create a timed slideshow by dragging image markers to choose when each image will appear.

Content in Sync

Synchronized content creates a movie-like experience as images appear just when your user needs them in order to stay immersed in the story.

Drag and Drop

Relax and enjoy the process of creation. We designed our creative Studio to be an intuitive, powerful, and easy experience leaving you free to create the best content.

Editing Tools Included

No third-party programs needed. You can record audio and crop and edit images directly in GuidiGO Studio.

...and even more features!

Multilanguage Support

Built-in management for multiple languages. Duplicate your tours for easier translation. Just click “add translation,” and pick the desired language.

Credits Made Easy

Working on multimedia content inevitably means using someone else's work. You can easily add credit for each image, audio, video, or text that you use.

Embed Video

Have some extra content that you want to share? Add videos to a “bonus content” section.

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