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Walk of the Planets - Caherdaniel Dark Sky Group

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Walk of the Planets - Caherdaniel Dark Sky Group

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12 tour stops



The closest planet to our sun Mercury is hot and has a Hydrogen and Helium atmosphere

5 min


The second planet out, with a carbon dioxide atmosphere Venus is a terrestrial planet

6 min


With a Nitrogen and Oxygen atmosphere Earth is the 3rd Planet out from the Sun.

6 min


Mars has a red surface and is very similar to the central highlands of Iceland.

9 min


Jupiter along with Saturn are Gas giants

8 min


One of its most intriguing mysteries are its Ice and Rock Rings.

6 min


Uranus, like Neptune has a different chemical composition than Jupiter and Saturn.

6 min


Neptune is the last of the four giant planets in our solar system.

5 min


Planet Pluto or should I say dwarf planet?

6 min

All About the Walk

This true to scale solar system walk is a 3.5 kilometres long trail

9 min

All about the Sun

In our galaxy the Sun is our singular source of light and heat.

7 min

Interview Michael Sheehan

Michael is one of the original Kerry Dark Sky members.

9 min


What is Walk of the Planets?
A solar system 3.5 kilometres long trail that follows the old Butter Road from Caherdaniel village (Stop 0) to midway along Coad mountain (Stop 9). This is a daytime walk.

The Planet Sculptures
Your journey starts at the Sun. Specially commissioned markers at each stop will enable a wonderful exploration of the planets found in our Solar System. Each marker consists of a metal pole with a banded sphere surrounding it. Each planet sits atop each pole, within the sphere structure. An information plaque can be found mid way up the pole.

As you walk the accompanying app will take you into the realms of other worlds; the planets of our very own solar system. True in scale (1.4 billion to 1) to the actual distances between our sun and planets, the walk is designed as a trail that you can follow.

Created, written, music and voice over by Vincent Hyland / Wild Derrynane for the Caherdaniel dark Sky Group © 2021 All rights reserved.

Offline map included

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