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The Maharees Heritage Trail

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The Maharees Heritage Trail

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20 tour stops


Start here at the heritage trail sign

Introduction to the Maharees Special Area of Conservation

5 min

The Village of old Maherabeg

The village of old Maherabeg

2 min

Moths, Butterflies and Skylarks

Look out for butterflies and daytime flying moths. Listen to the song of the skylark.

4 min

An Biorr - Limestone rocks, fossils, rockpool life

Carboniferous limestone outcrop. Explore fossils and rock pool flora and fauna

4 min

Beneath the waves - Marine life of the Maharees

The bay is home to populations of locally endangered Undulate Rays and White Skate

1 min

Brent Geese and Otters

Otters foraging along the shoreline and in late autumn the arrival of Brent Geese

3 min

Scairt, the famine, a sloop runs ashore & Milleach

The effects of the famine on the Maharees and the grounding of the sloop 'Industry'

3 min

Kilshannig church and the Chi Rho cross

A 7th century church and the legend of the Chi Rho Cross slab

2 min

The Seven Hogs - the Islands of the Maharees

The islands of Scraggane bay


Birds of the dunes, islands and surrounds

Terns, fulmars, guillemots and other birds

4 min

Ceann duimhche (the head of the dunes)

The village of Ceann Duimhche

2 min

The Well at Ceann Duimhche

Here you will find the remnants of one of the most popular wells on the Maharees

1 min

Maharees National School

Two national schools were built. The first principal arrived in 1850.

2 min

The Pump

The Pump was constructed in October 1874 on foot of an outbreak of Scarlatina

1 min


The name is derived from a large area of commonage close to the village.

3 min

Carr a' Locha

Carr a' Locha provided stone and food - a reason why people settled in the area

6 min

Brandon Bay Dolphins - The bay needs protecting!

This beautiful bay is visited by cetaceans from the Shannon Dolphin group

3 min

Sand Dune Conservation

The work of the Maharees Conservation Association

52 s

Natterjack Toads

All about Natterjack Toads

5 min

Flowers of the dunes, seashore and surrounds

A wonderful array of beautiful wildflowers growing amongst the sand dunes.

1 min


This version includes the full App and a trivia 'Test your knowledge' quiz.

1) 20 stops with narration
2) Text descriptions
3) Over 100 photos
4) 4 videos including underwater marine life, natterjack toads, choughs and bottlenose dolphins
5) Bird song and calls
7) ID guides to Butterflies, Wild Flowers, Birds (land and sea), Marine life (above and below water).

A self-guided curated audio tour delving into the history, folklore, flora and fauna of Ireland's most famous tombola landscape - the Maharees. Situated along the Wild Atlantic Way coastline this large sand spit extends northwards out into Tralee and Brandon Bay, Co. Kerry. With a backdrop of spectacular mountains and pristine seas the Maharees special area of conservation is noted for special species including natterjack toads, orchids and mobile sand dune habitat. The trail is a 7 km looped trail set along the shoreline, across old roadways and paths.

This project was funded by the Heritage Council

Itinerary 9.7 km / 3:00

Offline map included

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