Cork, Ireland

- SKIBBEREEN - Famine Story Walking Trail App

- SKIBBEREEN - Famine Story Walking Trail App

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15 tour stops


Introduction and Stop 1: The Courthouse

a) Introduction to the Skibberean Famine Story and b) the Courthouse inquests.

5 min


The site of a riot in September 1846.

3 min


Records from the Cathedral show how the Famine progressed.

2 min

Windmill Hill

This was one of the poorest places in Skibbereen during the Famine.

2 min

Becher Arms Hotel

Two visiting Oxford students describe the awful conditions they witnessed.

3 min

Windmill Lane

"A green and ghastly corpse that had been for five days dead."

3 min

The Square

This road leads to one of 3 burial grounds used during famine times.

1 min

(Optional Stop) Chapel Lane Graveyard

"The miserable shed had served as a grave where the dying could bury themselves."

3 min

O’Donovan Rossa

Rossa's father died from Famine fever - this had a profound effect on his life.

2 min

Levis's Quay

This was the site of an auxiliary workhouse - where you exchanged labour for food.

3 min


Two Famine memorials are to be seen at this stop.

4 min

Clerke's House

"Deaths in the workhouse and town average at the present twenty-five per day."

2 min

The Steam Mill

This mill was one of the first large-scale soup kitchens to open in the country.

2 min

Skibbereen Heritage Centre

Here you can view the Great Famine Commemoration Exhibition.

8 min

(Optional Stop) Abbeystrowry Cemetery

Between 8,000 and 10,000 victims are buried in the Famine pits in this cemetery.



Skibbereen is synonymous with the Great Famine (1845-52) as it was one of the worst affected areas in all of Ireland. At least a million people died during this catastrophe and double that number fled the country within a decade.

This audio tour brings the Skibbereen Famine Story to life to give an insight into the worst humanitarian crisis of nineteenth century Europe.

Skibbereen Heritage Centre also hosts an extensive presentation on this tragic period, the Great Famine Commemoration Exhibition.

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