Saint-Fargeau, France

Take the Journey of Sound Discovery

Mystery Quest

Take the Journey of Sound Discovery

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9 tour stops


Before you begin

...some words on the museum and the visit

3 min

Edison invents the “Talking Machine”

A revolutionary "talking machine"

1 min

The First Phonographs

Find out how these strange machines work

1 min

The Phonograph’s Success

The invention of the phonograph marks the beginning of a new industry

48 s

The full evolution of the Phonograph

The "talking machine" is improving rapidly!

36 s

From the Roaring Twenties to Bizarre Inventions

What amazing machines !

57 s

The toy booth

The colourful machines....

27 s

The History of the Radio

From the innovative to the everyday object

1 min

What Funny Instruments!

The art of playing an instrument without musician

2 min


The Museum of Sound Discovery has some surprises in store for you!

You are about to discover a collection of over one thousand mechanical musical instruments, phonographs and radios!

They are sometimes … very strange … but they all still work!

During the visit, you will travel through time beginning at the fun and exciting world of the first sound recording experiments at the end of the 19th century all the way to the transistors of the 1960s.

You’re about to go through eight steps, and at each one you’ll need to complete a set of challenges and collect hints to complete your mission.

Offline map included

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