Redon, France

EN- Chasing Belphégor

Treasure Hunt

EN- Chasing Belphégor

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8 tour stops

The guided tour starts here:

The tourist Information Centre

Starting point.

+7 tour stops

to be discovered along the game

This is an interactive game tour with hidden stops. To unlock the location of each stop you have to complete the challenges of the previous one.

The content of each stop is available after download. Check out the Sample.


Hello Mr. Le Marec, as a private detective your mission, if you accept it, is to find and catch Belphégor who escaped from the Louvre, after having robbed many museum pieces.
We know he has found refuge in Redon, in Ille-Et-Vilaine, where he was born.
Be careful, he is a ghost with many unkown powers and you will need to consider all options.
If you catch him, you will be rewarded, otherwise try to find as many pieces as possible.
Good luck and remember: we will deny having hired you!

At every stage of the game, you will have to listen to a recorded message, then you will have to answer questions for a challenge.
If you answer all the challenges correctly the next stage will appear on the map and will allow you to pursue the investigation.
If you fail, go back to the tourist office to see whether you can get a reward with the points you have already collected.

Itinerary 1.9 km / 1:00

Offline map included

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