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ROM Family Fun Tours: Biodiversity

ROM Family Fun Tours: Biodiversity

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5 tour stops


"Bull" the Southern White Rhino

The tour starts at the entrance to the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity on level 2


Coral Reef Tank

This Coral Reef represents a vital underwater ecosystem in the Indo-Pacific region.


Kroyer’s Deep Sea Angler Fish

The Deep Sea Angler Fish is found 3000 meters below the ocean’s surface.


Komodo Dragon

The Komodo dragon carries the formidable reputation of being a fearsome predator.


Moustached Bats

The Moustached Bat is a grey-coloured bat found primarily in Jamaica



Ready? Set? Explore! The Family Tour is the ultimate guide to fun facts on striking, alarming, or simply bizarre objects in the Museum’s collection. From dinosaurs to dragons, coffins to coral reefs, we invite you to tour our galleries and get to know the ROM experts who bring our objects and specimens to life.

The Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity is our space to explore and display life on planet Earth: life in the recent past, now and in the future. Through this gallery, we raise awareness of the challenges facing the conservation, diversity and survival of life on Earth.

Itinerary 30 min

Offline map included

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