Santa Clara, United States

City of Santa Clara Historic Properties

City of Santa Clara Historic Properties

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12 tour stops


Robert Menzel House

An example of Queen Anne style architecture featuring a prominent "witch's tower"


A.A. Warren House

The color may change but the distinct boarding of this house is one of a kind !


Lewis Gardner House

The work of a mother-son duo !


H.L. Warburton House

Many notable citizens of Santa Clara have connections to this property.


1261 Jackson Street

A home very instyle for 1890s Santa Clara !


Daniel Moody House

The bold contrast of colors makes this house unique !


Dugdell-Pinkham House

This home was once sold for $800 !


The Palmer House

Find its sister house, the Shoemaker (Schumacher) House, at 1142 Main Street


Russell-Robinson House

An unusual owner for the 19th century...


Franck House

A unique design for a prominent family !


Dr. Paul's House

A hub for the city's doctors


Johnson House

The oldest wood house in the city !



Established in 1777 and incorporated in 1852, the City of Santa Clara is a place full of vibrant history. Although it is known as the Mission City, the city’s history extends far beyond the famous Mission Santa Clara de Asis. Luckily, much of the city’s rich history can still be seen by walking through the neighborhoods. This tour provides an insight into Santa Clara’s past by highlighting some of the historic properties still standing today. We hope you enjoy learning about our City!

Itinerary 780 m / 45 min

Offline map included

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