Pittsburgh, United States

Reading Smithsonian's Portraits of Pittsburgh

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Reading Smithsonian's Portraits of Pittsburgh

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11 tour stops


What is Close Looking?

An invitation to look closely


Andrew Mellon - Compare and Contrast

Compare two portraits of Andrew Mellon


Andrew Mellon

Another view


Hamilton, Martha Graham - Strike a Pose

Let your body move


Martha Graham - Strike a Pose

A second chance to vogue


John Brown - A Puzzle

Find elements of John Brown's story in the elements of the picture.


Mary Lou Williams - Jumping into a Portrait

Experience the sounds, smells, and sights in this lively image.


Mary Lou Williams

Is the scene real?


Art Blakey - Think, Puzzle, Explore

The story of Art Blakey's life is captured in this image - can you find it?


Art Blakey

Learning More


August Wilson - The Elements of Portrayal

Investigate the elements of the image to tell the story of this storyteller.



The portraits on loan from the National Portrait Gallery represent more than 100 Americans with Western Pennsylvania connections. Each portrait is a glimpse into a person’s life, and the artistry of the image tells a story in itself.

By practicing the skills of close looking, discover the stories within the portraits.

Offline map included

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