Monterey, United States

P.G.'s Shoreline: Much More than Meets the Eye

P.G.'s Shoreline: Much More than Meets the Eye

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14 tour stops


Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Aquarium's popular exhibits are just a small part of what it does


Hopkins Marine Station

The oldest marine lab on the West Coast


Historical Lovers Point Mural

Commemorating lesser-known chapters of Pacific Grove's history


Julia Platt and Lovers Point Park

The woman who saved Monterey Bay


Cleaning up Urban Runoff Underground

How much do you know about water pollution?


Hayes Perkins and Perkins Park

Pacific Grove's iconic "magic carpet"

3 min

Do You Know What "ASBS" Stands for?

Pacific Grove Area of Special Biological Significance


Coral Street Pump Station

Here today, gone (partially) tomorrow?


Pacific Grove Recycles Water!

The water is used to irrigate the city's golf course and a nearby cemetery


Point Pinos

Planning for a continuous shoreline trail well into the future


Ed Ricketts and The Great Tidepool

Look but don't touch!

9 min

34 Links in an Ocean Chain

A chain of protected marine areas along California's coast


Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

Find out why P.G. is nicknamed 'Butterfly Town, USA'


P.G. Museum of Natural History

An ideal place to enjoy the outside, inside



Pacific Grove's shoreline offers something for everyone, including walking trails and biking paths, parks and beaches, panoramic views and places to watch wildlife, and fishing spots and tidal pools. Also, much of the coast here has been designated an "Area of Special Biological Significance," meaning that it supports a unique variety of marine life and is especially worthy of protection from pollution.

As you might imagine, there's more to the waterfront--a lot more!--than what you can see with your own eyes. There are things that occurred in the past, that take place offshore, that go on underground, or that happen only during certain seasons or even times of the day.

This tour tells some of the hidden stories that will help you learn more about the shoreline's history, culture and ecology. Come along and let us show you! (For images that appear small on your phone, simply rotate your phone to enlarge them.)

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Itinerary 7.8 km / 2:00

Offline map included

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