Paisley, United Kingdom

Paisley Radicals: Catalysts for Change

Paisley Radicals: Catalysts for Change

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14 tour stops


Paisley Woodside Cemetery and Crematorium

Introducing the tour

2 min

At the Martyrs' Chapel

We begin the journey

6 min

At The Martyrs' Monument

About the Martyrs

12 min

Peterloo to Meikleriggs Muir

How did we get here?

7 min

Walking to the Witherspoon Statue

With the many

10 min

At the Witherspoon statue

Look around you

4 min

The Riot Act

Reading the Riot Act

8 min

The Old Methodist Church

A running battle

3 min

The Russell Institute

Thundering hooves

6 min

By the river

'Keep your eye on Paisley'

5 min

The Radical Uprising

Paisley strikes for human rights

7 min

The Martyrs' Fate

They died for the cause of freedom

7 min

Curtain call...credits

Paisley Radicals: creative community collaboration

41 s

Paisley Partnerships

To the future of Paisley

41 s


This is the story of the Radical War of 1820, and Paisley’s role in it.

Paisley Radicals: Catalysts for Change is a vivid, dramatically immersive experience.

The uprising takes place in 1819-20 but there are recurring echoes of the present day as the voices of our guides Mary and Mac lead us from stop to stop, back and forward in time. Crossing centuries they connect age-old struggles for justice and liberty.

From Paisley Woodside Cemetery and Crematorium to Paisley Town Centre, we follow the human stories of local folk who led an inspiring movement for change.

Part radio play, part walking tour, you'll hear history brought to life with an interplay of mindfulness, music – and down to earth humour.

Paisley Radicals: Catalysts for Change is a collaboration with Civil Disobedience supported by Renfrewshire Council through Future Paisley and Paisley TH.CARS2, with matched funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund and Historic Environment Scotland.

Itinerary 2.3 km / 1:30

Offline map included

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