Govan, United Kingdom

Govan Kids Trail

Govan Kids Trail

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7 tour stops


Mary Barbour Statue

Rent strike leader, trailblazing politician, and Glasgow's own inspiring icon!


The Aitken Memorial Fountain

Discover Govan's tribute to dedication and community.


Fairfield Heritage Centre

Sail into history at the Fairfield Shipbuilding Offices


Pearce Institute

Uncover the heartwarming legacy of Lady Dinah Pearce at the beloved 'PI'


Govan Old Church

Govan's ancient church, a timeless treasure.


Govan Ferry

Sail the Clyde for free!


Riverside Museum

Step back in time on a Glasgow street at Riverside Museum, a Zaha Hadid masterpiece.



Embark on a fascinating journey through Govan's history!

🌟 Meet Mary Barbour, the fearless leader of 'Mrs. Barbour's Army,' who stood up against rent hikes during World War I.
⛲️ Discover the Aitken Memorial Fountain, a symbol of dedication in Govan, and explore the shipbuilding legacy at the Fairfield Shipbuilding Offices.
🪦 The Pearce Institute, a hub of community support, and the ancient Govan church, a timeless treasure, await your visit.
🚢 Hop on the free Govan Ferry to sail across the Clyde and explore the Tall Ship and Riverside Museum.
🏛 Roam cobbled streets at the museum, designed by Zaha Hadid, where you can step into the past, visit old shops, a subway station, and a cafe.

Join us on a historic adventure, where heroes, landmarks, and stories come to life! #GlasgowHeritageTrail

Itinerary 1.7 km / 1:01

Offline map included

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