Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Murmur memories of Leith

Murmur memories of Leith

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13 tour stops


Introducing Murmur and those little green ears

Stirring memories of [murmur]


Leith Assembly Rooms, with Mary Moriarty

Where couples met on the dance floor...and got married in the room upstairs

1 min

Assembly Rooms more respectable than the Eldorado!

Assembly Rooms: a great place to meet folk and every now and then the fleet came in!

2 min

Leith Links, birthplace of golf

Leith Links, where golf began, children played and women hung washing to dry

2 min

Old Leith Academy, became QM Uni, now flats

No black patent shoes for girls...boys might see your pants in the reflection

1 min

Tommy Miah's tales of The Raj now Kcal Kitchen

'I took a risk...it was a red light district but I like being near the water'

4 min

Broad Wynd...birthplace of Leith community radio

Leith TV...I'm sure it will come

2 min

To The Lighthouse [now The Granary] on The Shore

Tales of Leith's first 'style bar'...and the 'firebomb' story

2 min

Hold The Fort – from old barracks to new homes

Soldiers guarded the entrance to the Fort. No longer. Old army barracks now new homes

40 s

Leith [bubbly] Baths

For a shilling you could get a bubble bath too!

2 min

At the bus stop outside Ladbrokes...with a pram

Where's the bairn?

2 min

Through the window of Dolly's flat

Dolly's story: a tribute to multicultural friendship

3 min

Out of the Blue

and into the old Drill Hall, a bright open space for creative community events

4 min


A doorway, a bus stop, a bathhouse – everyday places inspire wonderful, heartwarming stories. Even when they are no longer marked on the map.

An audio documentary ahead of its time, [murmur] gave a voice to local people. Memories stirred by historic or personal landmarks were recorded and shared at 'green ear' locations around the streets of Leith.

Walking Heads is delighted to celebrate the work of Toronto-based Murmur. With their help, we bring you some of the stories which murmured round Leith in 2007.

Proudly presenting a precious archive of memories gathered in Leith by the [murmur] project. From an archive half way across the world we once again hear what made Leith the place it was – and still is.

For the full set of stories, presented by New Media Scotland, visit SOUNDCLOUD.com [murmur] Edinburgh

[murmur] Edinburgh was supported by Heritage Lottery Fund, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and (then) Scottish Arts Council

Itinerary 5.1 km / 1:01

Offline map included

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