Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Curating art exploring Edinburgh

Curating art exploring Edinburgh

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5 tour stops


'Nightscape' by The Winter Tradition

Edinburgh band The Winter Tradition, accompanied by the works by artist Ian Reddie

1 min

Ian Reddie's Craigleith and The Bass

A digital print depicting 2 islands in the Forth, accompanied by educational writing.

2 min

Ian Reddie's Autumn Treeline

Robert Frost's poem 'The Road Not Taken' and the artwork 'Autumn Treeline'

1 min

Ian Reddie's Holyrood Treeline

Ian Reddie's Holyrood Treeline, accompanied by a bird song recording, dated May 2015

54 s

Caledonia, performed by Christian J Todd

Ian Reddie's digital artworks, accompanied by 'Caledonia', sung by Christian J Todd

1 min


This tour let's you explore Edinburgh University Central Campus and can be viewed using Google Glasses or on a smartphone.

It represents a musical journey, introduced by Edinburgh-based band The Winter Tradition, sampling the digital artworks by artist Ian Reddie. The walk starts in the Labyrinth in George Square and follows along the University central campus. A visit is planned for Holyrood Park, the subject of some of the artworks.

Each stop offers an introspective of the digital prints, through a recording of bird songs, some educational writing, a poem by American poet David Frost.It ends with the popular song 'Caledonia' performed by young musician Christian J Todd with lyrics by Dougie MacLean, highlighting the collective artworks inspired by Scotland.

The tour in an interdisciplinary, multi-modal digital artefact and is an example of how staff and students can potentially collaborate, showcasing original materials whilst enriching our experiences in a public urban context.

Itinerary 2.5 km / 1:00

Offline map included

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