Tempe, United States

"A pattern, a trace, a portrait"

"A pattern, a trace, a portrait"

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8 tour stops


"Head Above Water" (2018; 2022)

A meditation of headlines after Hurricane María destroyed much of Puerto Rico.

2 min

Español: "Head Above Water" (2018, 2020)

Meditación sobre los titulares después de que el Huracán María destruyera Puerto Rico

3 min

"Voicemail Portraits" (2019-2021)

Installation that recalls the themes of memory, remembrance, and loss.

2 min

Español: "Voicemail Portaits" (2019-2021)

"Voicemail Portraits" es una instalación que evoca memoria, recuerdo y pérdida.

3 min

"Death with Love: Muerte con Amor" (2022)

An installation to commemorate and process the grief of the artist’s grandmother.

2 min

Español: "Death, with Love: Muerte con Amor"

Una instalación creada para ayudarla a procesar el fallecimiento de su abuela.

2 min

Three works by Carolina Aranibar-Fernández

Three textiles pieces referencing trading routes and their impacts.

3 min

Tres obras de Carolina Aranibar-Fernandez

Tres obras que hacen referencia a las rutas comerciales y su impacto.

4 min


"A pattern, a trace, a portrait: Four Artists from CALA Alliance’s Residency Program" showcases new and existing work by Carolina Aranibar-Fernández, Diana Calderón, Estrella Esquilín, and Sam Frésquez. These regional Latinx artists each present discrete installations that weaves together universal themes of memory, loss, and grief while highlighting issues related to place and the destruction of our natural environment. Taken as a whole, A pattern, a trace, a portrait highlights the dichotomy between the most intimate histories and the most global concerns.

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