Glasgow, United Kingdom

The Hidden Stories Map

The Hidden Stories Map

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10 tour stops



Narrated by Cllr. Graham Campbell

2 min

Rise of The Tobacco Lords

Trongate – Tolbooth Steeple (High Street)

3 min

Speeches of Frederick Douglass

City Halls (100 Candleriggs, Architect - George Murray, 1841)

2 min

The Graves of The Tobacco Lords

St David’s Ramshorn Church (98 Ingram Street, Architect -Thomas Rickman, 1826)

2 min

Robert Burns and The Slaves Lament

Tobacco Merchants House (42 Miller Street, 1775)

2 min

Rani Lakshmi Bai Fights the Empire

Cunninghame Mansion, 1780 Architect unknown, altered by architect David Hamilton 1829

3 min

The Second City of the Empire

The City Chambers (82 George Square, Architect - William Young 1890)

3 min

Giving Nelson Mandela Freedom of The City

St George’s Tron Church (Nelson Mandela Place, Architect – William Stark - 1808)

3 min

Harriet Tubman & The Fight Against Racism

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Steps (Buchanan Street, Architect – Leslie Martin ,1990)

2 min


Narrated by Cllr. Graham Campbell

59 s


In every city there are untold stories where the buildings, statues and place names hold clues to past events and forgotten people.
One of Glasgow’s biggest hidden stories is how it played a part in and was shaped by the transatlantic slave trade.

This map will take you on a journey through part of the city, uncovering some of the hidden transatlantic slave trade connections behind our buildings and the spaces between them.
Take our hidden stories detective challenge, can you follow the route and answer the questions along the way? You’ll need to keep your eyes open and look high and low in order to complete this– Good Luck!

Itinerary 1.9 km / 1:00

Offline map included

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