Glasgow City, United Kingdom

The Living River - Wildlife on the Clyde

Trivia Quiz

The Living River - Wildlife on the Clyde

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14 tour stops


Clyde Tidal Weir, Glasgow Green

Nature's Ellis Island


Bonny Banks and Space Invaders

Plants and invasive species along the riverbanks


Wonderful Waterbirds

River birds at the viewing platform


Arn's Well and Glasgow Humane Society

Wildlife on the river - William/


St Andrews Suspension Bridge Speed Test!

Thinking about speed and flow of the river


Birdsong at the East Boathouse

Songbirds along the river.


Baptisms, Bugs and Bark

River beaches and gnarly old trees


Fleshers Haugh

Diving boards, Dookings, Plastic and Pollution


Mighty Meadowlands

Go wild in the city


Drying Green at Templetons



MacDonald Fountain

Ramblin Roon The Green


Winter Gardens and People's Palace

Exotic plants and feline enforcers.


Go Nuts for Squirrels!

Wildlife in the Green.


Glasgow's Riverside Heart

Our final stop



This trail was made as part of the West Boathouse project by Ingrid Shearer, Deirdre Molloy and Kirsty Crawford. The West Boathouse is the long, red-roofed building on the north riverbank, east of the tidal weir. It was built in 1905 for the two rowing clubs who still call it home and has recently been restored by Glasgow Building Preservation Trust. If you see rowers out on the water, give them a wave!

This walk includes lots of activities, games and things to think about - don’t worry if you can’t do everything in one trip, you can always visit again and try something new. The kinds of wildlife you see change depending on the time of day you visit and the season, so it's good to come back at different times of the year.

There is one public road crossing at Kings Road. Watch out for cyclists and occasional vehicle traffic along the walkway. Public toilets are available at the People's Palace, but be aware opening hours may be subject to change.

Itinerary 3.8 km / 1:30

Offline map included

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