Sion, Switzerland

Earthquakes in 1946

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Earthquakes in 1946

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Introduction and presentation of the adventure

What happened on 25 January 1946?


What is an Earthquake ?

Underground ruptures and surface shaking !

2 min

How do we detect and locate earthquakes ?

A seismograph is an instrument designed to record earthquake signals

2 min

How big was that earthquake ?

Magnitude and intensity of earthquakes

3 min

Calculating seismic risk

In which risk zone do I live?

3 min

History of the Earth

From its formation until today

3 min

The seismic cycle and aftershocks in 1946

The elastic rebound theory

3 min


Collapse of the Rawyl Cold Water site

2 min

Soil Liquefaction

The limits of rocks and soils

1 min

Earthquake-proof construction

Effect of the earthquake on buildings in 1946

2 min

Preparing as a family

Be prepared before, protect yourself during, know how to react afterwards

2 min

Protecting your family

Make an emergency kit


Final point of the tour

Memory Box / Stories / Testimonials



What happened in Sierre in 1946?

Friday evening, 25 January 1946: night had already fallen on snowy Sierre. At 6.32 pm the ground was shaken for a few seconds. The inhabitants rushed outside, chimneys and tiles fell from the roofs and the streets were strewn with rubble. A power failure left the city in total darkness for ten minutes. Telephone lines were immediately saturated. Chaotic conditions in total uncertainty prevailed for a few hours.
It was not until the next day that the consequences of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake were revealed: 4 dead, 3,500 buildings damaged.

Itinerary 3.8 km / 2:00

Offline map included

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