Saint-Maurice, Switzerland

An entertaining anecdotal stroll in Saint-Maurice

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An entertaining anecdotal stroll in Saint-Maurice

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10 tour stops


Anecdote n°1

Fire in the Grand-Rue

3 min

Anecdote n°2

Did you say OBLIQUE and Espace ContreContre? Contemporary art in Saint-Maurice

3 min

Anecdote n°3

The captain's love at first sight for the Spanish style

2 min

Anecdote n°4

Saint-Maurice, land of prayer

3 min

Anecdote n°5

The 850th anniversary of the Noble Bourgeoisie of Saint-Maurice

1 min

Anecdote n°6

The very first divorce in Saint-Maurice

3 min

Anecdote n°7

Castle, fort and cave

2 min

Anecdote n°8

Abbey of Saint-Maurice

2 min

Anecdote n°9

Dirac's equation, the most tattooed in the world

2 min

Anecdote n°10

La Tuilerie

2 min


An entertaining anecdotal stroll in Saint-Maurice

Welcome to Saint-Maurice!

Through 10 anecdotes, discover the secrets of this charming little town which bears witness to more than 1500 years of history.

Along the way, you will discover an Abbey dating from the year AD 515, a castle dedicated to drawing and comic strips, a natural cave where fairy tales are told, military forts classified as Top Secret, art galleries, and a Nobel Prize winner...

Art, history, culture, heritage and, of course, the Noble Bourgeoisie of Saint-Maurice: thanks to this stroll with games and challenges, Saint-Maurice will have no more secrets for you!

This route was developed in 2020 on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the Noble Bourgeoisie of Saint-Maurice, in collaboration with the Saint-Maurice tourist office. Pay attention to all the stages of the walk to best meet the challenges. A draw with attractive prizes is organized every year!

Itinerary 1.9 km / 1:20

Offline map included

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