Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

The Legend of the Giant Crab

Mystery Quest

The Legend of the Giant Crab

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9 tour stops


First step : The compass rose (or wind rose)

The compass rose will indicate which direction to take and start off

20 s

Next step : Artillery

Look for something which sailors used to defend themselves against pirates.

13 s

Next step : The secret passage

A secret passage will take you back to the port to keep on with your investigation.

10 s

Next step : On the boardwalk

Now try to find the boat structure

17 s

Next step : The little pier (or mole)

Walk along the boardwalk to discover the next step

12 s

Next step : The marina

You have already found 4 pieces of the boat and are halfway

14 s

Next step : The last piece of the boat

Now head towards the beach to find the last piece of the boat.

28 s

Next step : Find the Giant Crab

You have found all the missing pieces of the boat. Now, look for the Giant Crab.

17 s

Last step! The reward

The Tourist Office will hand you the reward you deserve.

35 s


Have you ever heard about the magic powers of the Giant Crab?
Casting a spell on sailors off Pointe Saint-Hospice is its favourite pastime. It cuts their boats into pieces and hides them in the village. Then, the sailors have to solve riddles to find them out.
Today the Giant Crab has cast a spell on Captain Ferrat who is a bit disoriented and cannot find his way around the village. That is why he needs you to help him find the missing pieces of his boat.
You will be rewarded if you succeed!!
Will you take on this mission? Brilliant! So, let’s go!

Itinerary 1.3 km / 1:00

Offline map included

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