Saint-Fargeau, France

Museum of Sound Discovery

Museum of Sound Discovery

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17 tour stops


Before You Begin

... some words on the museum and the visit

2 min

1877 : Edison Invents the Phonograph

A revolutonary "talking machine"...

1 min

The Phonograph … How does it Work?

Physics and anatomy at the origin of the first phonographs

3 min

What Rapid Developments!

Fuelled by the game of competition, phonographs were quickly improving!

4 min

The flat disc: The ancestor of the vinyl record

Less than fifteen years between Edison’s invention and the mass production ..

4 min

“His Master’s Voice”

Nipper the dog became the new symbol for the Gramophone Company.

2 min

The Pathé Brothers Company

... Charles et Emile Pathé.

3 min

Different Materials and Shapes

Why have they multiplied industrial shapes and materials?

3 min

Henri Lioret

Miniaturisation of watch mechanism applied to phono

2 min

From the “Roaring Twenties” to Bizarre Inventions

Brands ventured out and carried original models that were miniaturized and gimmicky.

5 min

The Sixties Studio

Choose and listen

1 min

Eat Your Discs!

Phonographs for children very stylish at the time

2 min

From Wireless Telegraphy All the Way to the Radio

The messages transmitted by wireless telegraph were coded using Morse

5 min

Radio Sets: 1920-1940

From the innovative to the everyday object

4 min

The Revolutionary Transistor!

Time radio lamps gone...

3 min

Mechanical Musical Instruments

The art of playing an instrument without musician

4 min

Mechanical Musical Instruments (Continued)

The art of playing an instrument without musician

5 min


The Museum of Sound Discovery was founded in 1994 following a donation by Mr. Armand Nogues, a local industrialist and former mayor of the commune.

Located in an old Saint-Fargeau convent, the museum is now considered one of the richest collections of mechanical musical instruments, phonographs and radios in Europe.

From the first sound recording experiments at the end of the 19th century to the transistors of the 1960s, this visit will take you through a thematic, chronological … and unforgettably musical journey of discovery!

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