Paris, France

A Wacky Walk in Montmartre

A Wacky Walk in Montmartre

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28 tour stops



(Starting point: Metro Station "Blanche")

1 min

Place Blanche

This place owes its name to the clouds of plaster emitted by the quarry’s carriages.

3 min

Cyrano, the Surrealists’s Lair

André Breton, Pope of Surrealists, would preside over their meetings here.

2 min

The Port of Shadows… in Montmartre!

Montmartre local Jacques Prévert wrote the dialogue of the legendary Port of Shadows.

3 min

Escalopier’s Gothic Castle

The Count of the Escalopier created an exotic garden extremely curious for its time.

2 min

Studio 28

This small movie theater triggered many a scandal at the end of the 20s.

2 min

The Bloody Legend of Blute-fin

The heroic owner of the Blute-Fin windmill was martyred by the Cosacks.

3 min

The Breasts of Disaccord

An avant-garde play triggered a memorable riot here in 1917.

2 min

Louis-Ferdinand Céline

This is where Céline wrote his most famous novel, Journey to the End of the Night.

3 min

The Man Who Walked through Walls

This unusual statue, an homage to Marcel Aymé, is the work of actor Jean Marais.

2 min

Montmartre’s Undergrowth

Around 1900, poor Parisians were driven out of the posh Haussmannian neighborhoods.

3 min

The Witch’s Rock

This mysterious rock is the last trace of the disappeared “undergrowth”.

55 s

The Villa Léandre

Montmartre also provides a small oasis of British ambiance.

1 min

Tristan Tzara's House

Poet and founder of the Dada movement Tristan Tzara lived in this avant-garde house.

2 min

Poulbot’s Home

Cartoonist Poulbot was a legendary philanthropist for the Titis on the hill.

2 min

Utrillo’s Prison

Suzanne Valadon would lock Utrillo in his apartment to detox him from alcohol.

1 min

An Unexpected Van Gogh

This perspective appears on a once-controversial painting by Van Gogh.

1 min

Gen Paul’s Studio

Here lived expressionnist painter Gen Paul, an advocate for the « louchébem” dialect.

1 min

Saint-Denis the Martyr

Paris’ first bishop met a tragic and unusual end.

3 min

The Château of Fog

Here lived a writer with a tortured soul, and a crime genius - Fantômas himself!

4 min

An Urban Legend

Dalida’s bronze bust is the object of a pagan rite involving a bit of superstition.

2 min

The Traveling Windmill

This park was home to the Moulin Radet, now the sign of the Moulin de la Galette.

1 min

The Pink House

The Maison Rose hosted a meeting with a tragic outcome.

3 min

Sandrin’s "Folie"

Doctor Blanche, who pioneered a new style of psychotherapy, treated many artists.

2 min

The Dali Museum

The museum pays tribute to the self-proclaimed "Emperor of Montmartre".

2 min

When Henri IV Lost His Head

Henri the IVth and Montmartre shared a long history and a few secrets.

4 min

Artists’ Houses

The house located at the highest point in Paris stands in Montmartre.

1 min

The Great Flood of 1910

In 1910, Paris was paralyzed for 35 days following the worst flood in its history.

2 min


Daydreamers and lovers of the bizarre, discover a wacky and eclectic Montmartre, peppered with weird discoveries.

On the way, you’ll run into a witch, alligators, a guy who can walk through walls, a gothic Count who loves bananas, a bloody windmill, two famous “walking” heads, and the scary Fantômas!

Itinerary 3.0 km / 2:30

Offline map included

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