Paris, France

A Bohemian Walk in Montmartre

A Bohemian Walk in Montmartre

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22 tour stops



The Bohème is both an artistic adventure, a way of life and a philosophy.

2 min

Raoul Dufy’s Studio

Dufy painted what remained for a long time the largest painting in the world.

2 min

Daumier and Pascin’s Studio

Honoré Daumier and Jules Pascin both lived as Bohemians at some point.

3 min

Bad Boys and Cabaret Singers

In the ‘50s, the cafés where artists would go slumming were ruled by gangsters.

2 min

Saint Jean Church

Consecrated in 1904, St Jean features a peculiar blend of architectural styles.

3 min

The Entrance to the Abbesses Metro Station

One of only two original entrances to the metro inaugurated in 1900.

2 min

Montmartre and the 1871 Paris Commune

Clémenceau's ancient city hall played a pivotal role in the events of 1871.

2 min

I love You: The Wall

The small Jehan-Rictus park features a monument dedicated to love.

1 min

Collignon’s Grocery

The grocery store made famous by Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film "Amélie".

1 min

The Bateau Lavoir

These artist’s studios saw the birth of all artistic movements in the 20th century.

4 min

Picasso and Cubism

Picasso’s body of work takes a revolutionary turn at the Bateau Lavoir.

5 min

Bohemianism and Resourcefulness

Often penniless, the most famous artists had to make ends meet in unconventional ways

1 min

The Last Vestiges of Bateau-Lavoir

The only two artists studios that survived the fire of the legendary Bateau Lavoir.

36 s

Picasso’s First Studio

The first studio in which Picasso worked in Paris.

42 s

Modigliani, The Cursed Artist

The dandy Modigliani was the poorest of all the Bohemian artists.

3 min

Place du Tertre

Utrillo, child of Montmartre, knew the hill and its excesses better than anyone else.

4 min

The Free Commune of Montmartre

This mock government kept Montmartre’s creative spirit alive for a long time.

3 min

From Saint Denis to Mimi Pinson

Paris’ first bishop met a tragic and unusual end.

3 min

Berlioz, the Romantic

The Art-Deco bas reliefs echo Berlioz’ house, now gone.

3 min

The Wild Garden

Saint-Vincent Street is one of Montmartre’s most picturesque.

2 min

Montmartre’s Vines

The Clos Montmartre took birth from an artists’ protest led by cartoonist Poulbot.

5 min

The Lapin Agile (Agile Rabbit)

Up to World War I, artists would do some serious partying here!

8 min


This walk is a journey through Montmartre’s artistic scene throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, from the slums of the cubist pioneers to the modern artist studios. Join the stormy cruise of the Bateau Lavoir and the unhinged nights at the Lapin Agile.

Itinerary 1.7 km / 3:00

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