Dublin, Ireland

What's Dublin made of? Streets, stories & fossils!

What's Dublin made of? Streets, stories & fossils!

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Hello and welcome

Let's gather near the old city walls, meet your guide, and get your bearings.

2 min

What is Dublin made of?

Viking city walls, a Mediaeval church and Dublin's bedrock

3 min

Invasion of the English stonemasons

Spot the two kinds of stone? Dublin's oldest building, at the heart of the old city.

4 min

All that's left is a piece of wood!

Why is this a national monument?

3 min

Fossil alert! Dublin's Jurassic corner!

Discover why we call this lovely spot, Dublin's Jurassic corner

5 min

The hanging building

A most unusual building, the floors are suspended from the roof.

4 min

Want to stroke volcanic ash?

This small cul-de-sac is stuffed with history and architecture, fossils and geology.

4 min

Where would we be without glass?!

You can tell so much from looking at the glass in a window.

4 min

Where the streets are paved with gold

The stones beneath your feet . . . have lots of stories to tell.

2 min

The biggest gold nugget ever found in Europe!

Ireland's gold rush in the 1790s.... And other geological bling...

3 min

How the science of earthquakes began in Dublin

Ireland isn't famous for earthquakes... so Robert Mallet had to make his own!

3 min

Want to visit a coral reef?

This wall looks like boring concrete, but take a closer look!

3 min

How Georgian Dublin was bricked up!

Merrion Square is one of several Georgian squares built in the late 1700s.

4 min

The intriguing Rutland Fountain

Water, articifical stone and the Duke of Rutland's memorial

3 min

Some of the world's oldest fossil footprints

The Dead Zoo's many treasures include 385 million year old fossil footprints

3 min

Mapping Ireland's 'underground'

Remembering the man who made the 1st geological map of Ireland, Sir Richard Griffith

4 min

A hidden marble hall

Inside No. 51 is a beautiful marble exhibition. Open weekdays.

9 min


In this unique tour of Dublin we'll mix history, architecture and geology, and open your eyes to the city. You'll get to stroke extinct Jurassic creatures and find a coral reef in a wall, and have lots to tell your friends!

Even Dubliners who think they know the city, are amazed at what they discover on this tour, so do bring a camera.

Our stroll starts in the heart of Viking Dublin with the old city walls and, after a rare relic of Elizabethan Dublin, we move onto the city's elegant Georgian streets, to end at St Stephen’s Green with a hidden hall of marble.

Itinerary 2.9 km / 2:00

Offline map included

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