Dublin, Ireland

Suffragette City

Suffragette City

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7 tour stops


Early Beginnings With A College For Women (1862)

The establishment of this college began a conversation that would light a fire.

10 min

The First Suffrage Society Is Established (1876)

Enter the Haslams, with a Dublin-specific suffrage women's association.

8 min

Moving to Militancy: The Suffragettes (1908)

Irish women run out of patience and establish the Irish Women's Franchise League.

11 min

Window Smashing And Hunger Striking (1912)

A guerrilla war waged mainly by women throughout Dublin against the Crown.

15 min

Fifty Shades Of Suffrage 1914)

What else were women campaigning for at this time?

13 min

Victory: Mrs Haslam Finally Casts Her Vote (1918)

After a bitter and long war, to which Irish suffragettes objected, suffrage was won.

13 min

Extension And Election In The Free State (1922)

With independence came further freedoms, as all women over 21 could now vote.

7 min


Walk in the path of Irish suffragettes a hundred years ago!

This brilliant walking tour of Dublin brings you to all the most important places associated with Irishwomen's fight to vote, in an easy looped circuit that goes past lots of cafés where you can rest and refuel.

We have researched this complex history and condensed it into seven entertaining stops, bookended with nineteenth-century ragtime piano. For a century, the sacrifices and determination of these dedicated and brave women have been deliberately erased. Let's come together to shine a light on them in this year of the centenary of women voting in Ireland - let's walk in their footsteps, and remember.

Itinerary 2.8 km / 2:00

Offline map included

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