Dublin, Ireland

Irish Inventions that Changed the World

Irish Inventions that Changed the World

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12 tour stops


Hello and Welcome

Let's gather at TCD's Science Gallery, to meet your guide, and get your bearings.

3 min

Let's get you inventing! With some playful Sugru

Sugru lets you craft, repair, and improve things. Every home should have some!

3 min

A useful number, and a medical gel

Some unexpected inventions, from the most ingenious corner of the country.

3 min

How did this engine change the world?

It might not look like much, but this is what made the 20th century possible!

5 min

The face cream of the famous!

The antiseptic cream, called Sudocrem, was invented by a Dublin pharmacist

3 min

Improving something by poking holes in it?!

It was a Dublin printer called Henry Archer who invented perforated stamps.

3 min

Now, you won't feel a thing!

The hypodermic needle, invented in Dublin in 1843

4 min

Tasty ideas that put some flavour in your life!

From a portery widget to flavoured potato crisps, and the taste of Shamrock!

6 min

Can we copyright that idea?!

How a 6th-century Battle of the Books between two monks gave rise to copyright.

3 min

The Irish invented whiskey, not once, but twice!

First, in medieval times. Then in the industrial era.

3 min

Chocolate with milk? Of course!

Who else but the Irish could invent milk chocolate, and creamy chocolate liqueurs.

5 min

In Dublin's Fair City. . . .

Musician Gary O'Connor sings us out with Molly Malone

3 min


Did you know that the hypodermic syringe was invented in Dublin? Or that a Dublin man invented perforated stamps? And where in Dublin can you see the ingenious engine that electrified the world? This fascinating guided tour is packed full of surprises. We’ll tell you about great Irish scientists, a new material that could get you inventing, and finish with Alan Turing’s favourite song.

Even Dubliners who think they know the city, are amazed at what they discover on this tour, so do bring a camera.

Our walk starts in the historic grounds of Trinity College Dublin, then we stroll via elegant Kildare Street, passing Leinster House (home to the Irish parliament and senate) and Dawson Street, to end at St Stephen’s Green.

Itinerary 1.6 km / 2:00

Offline map included

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