County Roscommon, Ireland

The Portrunny Heritage Trail

The Portrunny Heritage Trail

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8 tour stops


Portrunny Harbour

This is the start of the tour overlooking Portrunny Bay

2 min

Portrunny Biodiversity

Portrunny Harbour is a habitat for many marine and land creatures

2 min

St. Diarmaid's Holy Well

St. Diarmaid's Holy Well is named after the Saint who founded a monastery nearby

2 min

Portrunny Church and Graveyard

Portrunny Church and Graveyard are remains of an 12th/13th church and graverard

2 min

Inchcleraun (Quaker) Island

Inchclearun Island contains a Catholic monastery and was home to Queen Meadbh

2 min

Shannon View School

Shannon View School is located in the townland of Clooncah, Kilteevan

2 min

Galey Bay and Castle

Galey Bay s an inlet of Lough Ree, to the south of Cruit Point

3 min

Cloonsellan Abbey

Cloonsellan Abbey is an Abbey situated between Roscommon and Inchclearun Island

3 min


The Portrunny Heritage Trail is a cycling/walking trail where you can discover our heritage and biodiversity which includes the medieval sites of Galey Bay and Castle, Inchcleraun Island, St. Diarmaid's Holy Well and Portrunny Church and Graveyard. The biodiveristy sign is located beside the picnic area which displays the flora and fauna of the area.

The harbour area of Portrunny is the central meeting point of the heritage trail. Adjacent to where the harbour lies, An Bothár Mór which leads to St. Dairmaid's Holy Well can be found along with Portrunny Church and Graveyard. As you leave Portrunny Bay heading towards Roscommon, you will notice a sign for Shannon View School on the right-hand side, and further on, a sign for Galey Castle and Bay to the left. Continuing towards Roscommon, you will come across Cloonsellan Abbey on the right and here you will have the opportunity to join the Kilteevan Heritage Trail.

Itinerary 15 km / 1:15

Offline map included

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