Glasgow City, United Kingdom

Dennistoun Kids Trail

Dennistoun Kids Trail

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7 tour stops


Alexandra Park

Fountains, animals, and statues await!


Buffalo Bill Statue

Where history and adventure once met in 1891!


Dennistoun Library

Look up and find the 'Dennistoun Angel'


Wellpark Brewery

Raise a toast to history


Lady Well

Ancient waters that once quenched Glasgow's thirst



Lush gardens and 50,000 stories.


Glasgow Cathedral

Discover the heart of Glasgow's history



Embark on a thrilling adventure through Dennistoun's history on the Kids' Heritage Trail!

Dennistoun is named after its founder, Alexander Dennistoun, who after buying this land employed the architect James Salmon to build the beautiful houses and villas that are now part of the Dennistoun Conservation Area.

Unearth treasures like Alexandra Park, where animals hide in fountains, and the Carnegie Library, where the 'Dennistoun Angel' soars high. Dive into the past at Lady Well, quenching Glasgow's ancient thirst, and Buffalo Bill's statue, where the Wild West once roared to life. Raise a toast at Wellpark Brewery, where beer-making traditions span over 450 years.

Explore the Glasgow Necropolis, which holds 50,000 stories of merchants, architects, and soldiers. Then, journey to Glasgow Cathedral, a medieval marvel with Saint Mungo's church at its heart. Discover his tomb, marvel at stained glass wonders, and seek out the old organ's musical magic.

Itinerary 2.4 km / 1:01

Offline map included

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