Cologne, Germany

Marienburg: Home of Cologne's Rich and (In)Famous

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Marienburg: Home of Cologne's Rich and (In)Famous

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Quick welcome and intro

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52 s

The Chancellor and the Chocolate Baron

Marienburg's most expensive building - and why it is now gone!

4 min

Only the beautiful gate remains...

Two wonderful villas lost

1 min

The mystery of Marienburg's oldest building

Is it of Roman or medieval origin? Excavations gave an initial hint...

2 min

Deep dive: Marienburg's Roman heritage

Behold the headquarters of Classis Germanica, the Roman fleet in Germania!

4 min

Mansion turned café turned mansion turned spy hub?

The colorful history of this central Marienburg location

3 min

Deep dive: Three dictatorships in one mansion?

A closer look at one of Marienburg's grandest villas

4 min

Stumbling blocks on "Pott Street"

Three additional mansions by Paul Pott and a sad, all too familiar story

3 min


Home of prolific YouTube star Bianca Heinicke and Julian Claßen (Julienco)

1 min

The "Stuttgart School": Nazi architecture?

A closer look at the style that was the mortal enemy of Bauhaus

4 min

Keeping up with the Joneses: Vorster vs Schmeltzer

The first English mansion in Germany and how it triggered a tit-for-tat race

3 min

Deep dive: Theodor Merrill, Marienburg's architect

Learn about the gentleman who shaped Marienburg like no other

3 min

Theodor's Expressionist "Three Graces"

Marienburg's most beautiful ensemble of three villas

4 min

The Curse of the Marienburg!

Marienburg's very first mansion and how it brought misfortune to all its owners

4 min

Deep dive: The music chamber through the decades

See how the music room of the Marienburg mansion changes through different times

4 min

Deep dive: The Drug Lord and His Famous Mansion

Villa Feinhals - Marienburg's most photographed building - lost in the war

4 min

The consul who wanted to stay and got fired

Learn about this typical Marienburg mansion with a diverse history

2 min

Deep dive: Cologne's Elon Musk, Eugen Langen

Learn how a single inventor/entrepreneur reshaped Cologne's economy to this day

4 min

Deep dive: The cause of the British invasion

Why the British built more than 30 mansions in and around Marienburg in 1951

4 min

Deep dive: The mystery of Marienburg's success

A scientific approach to the success of the Marienburg real estate project

4 min

Macaria House: Students fighting with swords

Heard of academic fencing ("Mensur"), a crazy German tradition?

3 min

Deep dive: A just banker?

Learn about Robert Pferdmenges who helped shape post-war economic policy

3 min

A tent for God - Böhm's catholic church

Marienburg's catholic church, built by our very own dynasty of architects

3 min

Deep dive: A ruthless banker?

Friedrich Carl Janssen who went to prison after the downfall of Sal. Oppenheim

3 min

A UFO has landed - by the chancellor's architects

Explore Marienburg's most stunning building

2 min

Really deep dive: The architecture of Marienburg

A data-driven look at how architectural styles have spread through Marienburg

7 min

Deep dive: Germany's first super model

24 Vogue cover shots - the "fashion fräuleinwunder" Caren Pfleger

2 min

A Nazi stormtrooper in Marienburg?

Discover the remnants of early Nazi architecture in Marienburg

2 min

Deep dive: The downfall of Germany's top executive

The story of how the career of Germany's top executive was destroyed in one morning

5 min

Nazi past, pink lacy present

Discover the dark Nazi past of this beautiful mansion

2 min

Deep dive: Our 1st Pritzker winning architect

Office of Cologne's premier dynasty of architects

3 min

Villa Schröder + "Germany's No. 2 intellectual"

What does this mansion have in common with one of Germany's leading intellectuals?

3 min

Deep dive: The Werkbund Exhibition of 1914

Learn about the biggest architectural fair Cologne has ever seen

5 min

Deep dive: The builders of Marienburg

Learn about the surprising social structure of the people that built Marienburg

5 min


Discover the most beautiful and posh neighborhood of 2000-year-old Cologne - Marienburg.
Initiated more than 150 years ago to house rich entrepreneurs outside the city walls, Marienburg has since been home to the rich and famous: Chocolate and tobacco barons, just and ruthless bankers, a federal president, the Iranian Secret Service, countless ambassadors, Germany's leading intellectual and comedian, a Pritzker prize-winning architect, a leading composer, a super model, and Tina Turner.

Hear the stories of why an American dentist from Boston may have been Marienburg's most important catalyst, how the British have shaped Marienburg before and after both world wars (hint: not through aerial bombardment), and explore the "Curse of the Marienburg Mansion".

This tour (by local neighborhood history buff Frank) combines many local stories with dozens of historic pictures and an in-depth knowledge based on a unique data-driven analysis of Marienburg's architecture and social structure.

Itinerary 4.8 km / 2:30

Offline map included

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