Vandoncourt, France

EN-La Damassine

EN-La Damassine

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11 tour stops



Welcome to La Damassine!


Reception, Bar and Boutique area

The start of the visit.

2 min

The Energy trail, first meeting

At La Damassine, we explain how we manage energy and what type of energy we use.

55 s

Playroom Area

We provide here many toys and games, mainly made of wood.

3 min

Exhibition Hall

The place where our permanent and temporary exhibitions are settled.

5 min

View over the park

Look through the to the large bay window at the back of the hall.

3 min

Lower floor

You can see a documentation/reading corner on the lower floor.

4 min

The Energy trail, the row

The Energy trail at the lower floor.

2 min

In front of the kitchen

The place that we use for our awareness-raising activities.

1 min

The Press

The different stages of apple juice production.

3 min

End of the visit

Thank you for your support and see you soon at La Damassine !



The fruit of an era in which a constant balance is sought between the promotion and sustainability of the natural heritage, La Damassine is a unique ecotourism structure.

Located in Vandoncourt, a small and characteristic Comté town, this centre for exchange and heritage communication will reveal all its secrets, from the nature of its majestic wooden frame structure to the operation of the press it houses.

Whether you want to stroll through the educational garden with your family, are curious about the orchards, or simply want to taste the apple juice produced on site, you are welcome.

The Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération and the Damassine team wish you an excellent visit to this beautiful structure, which is fully anchored in the Franche-Comté landscape.

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