Troyes, France

Troyes- Looking for the mysterious coat of arms...

Mystery Quest

Troyes- Looking for the mysterious coat of arms...

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17 tour stops


Beginning of the tour

Ohhhhh !!!!

34 s

The cathedral of Troyes

Meeting Edmond, the cathedral builder...

42 s

Half-timbered houses (Maisons à pans de bois)

In front of a half-timbered house

43 s

The Petit Louvre Hotel (Hôtel du Petit Louvre)

Tom finds himself in front of the Petit Louvre Hotel where he meets Blanche

50 s

City of stained-glass windows (Cité du Vitrail)

Meeting a glass-maker...

45 s

Saint-Urbain Basilica (Basilique St Urbain)

Visiting the cobbler.

51 s

Down Emile Zola street (Bas de la rue Emile Zola)

Meeting the carpenter.

33 s

The Lion Noir Hotel (Hôtel du Lion noir)

Talking with the merchant Benoît Huez.

42 s

The exchange street (Rue des changes)

Meeting the money changer

41 s

The Bread market place (Place du marché au pain)

Heck ! It’s so heavy !

51 s

Siant Jean’s Church (Eglise Saint-Jean)

Have a nice wedding day, Gudule !

1 min

The Juvenal des Ursins Hotel

How beautiful your fabrics are, Raoul!

1 min

The Cats’ lane (Ruelle des chats)

Tom meets a passer-by who blocks his way.

27 s

The Mortier d’Or Court (Cour du Mortier d'or)

Meeting a sculpter of wooden medalions .

53 s

The Baker’s House (Maison du Boulanger)

Tom arrives in front of the baker’s house.

24 s

The jeweller’s house (Maison de l'orfèvre)

Tom finds his ancestor back.

59 s

End of the tour

May 27th, 2016

34 s


The guided tour of Troyes “ Looking for the mysterious coat of arms” was created and written in French by Paul Bert primary school pupils, aged 8-9. They were helped by Marie Curie Secondary school pupils in year 7 and 8 in 2015-2016.
This year, Marie Curie School pupils in year 10, with the help of their teacher Mrs LLATY, translated and recorded the guided tour in English.
This tour is the result of an innovative project selected by the School board of Reims. An Italian translation will soon be available too.

Itinerary 1.7 km / 1:30

Offline map included

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