Sartène, France

Corsican Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology

Mystery Quest

Corsican Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology

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10 tour stops


Animals from 300 000 years ago - Film 1

Very many years ago, several animals lived in Corsica - Film "bonus" 1


Mesolithic: 10,000 to 6000 BC - Film 1

The first men in Corsica - Film "bonus" 1


Cardium, stamped ceramic: 5800 to 4800 BC- Film 1

Potteries from the ancient Neolithic era - Film "bonus" 1


Metal work of 2100 to 800 BC.- Film 1

Metal work of the Bronze Age - Film "bonus" 1


Menhirs/Standing Stones: 2000 to 800 BC. - Film 1

The art of raised stones. - Film "bonus" 1


Corsican Iron Age: 800 to 250 BC. - Film 1

Iron Age Coffin - Film "bonus" 1


Ancient Corsica : 250 BC to 400 AD. - Film 1

The burial of Travalettu - Film "bonus" 1


A Medieval Pitcher - Film 1

Corsican Middle Ages: 400 to 1 500 AD. - Film "bonus" 1


Classify - "Défis" (Challenge)

Discover the era and a historic character - "Défies"


The shipwreck of Porticcio

Discovery of the cargo of a Roman ship.



Discover the collections of the Museum of Sartène, the history of Corsica and the sites it is linked to by means of our 10 step-study.

Solve the riddle and win as many points as you can by answering a maximum number of questions!

Offered to you by the South Corsican Regional Authority and drawn up by the “Canopé de Corse”, Documentation and Resource Centre

Itinerary 1:15

Offline map included

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