Nantes, France

Versailles Island: A swamp to a Japanese Garden

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Versailles Island: A swamp to a Japanese Garden

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10 tour stops


Versailles Island

The history of the river Erdre and its transformations...

1 min

The art of Miegakure

“Conceal and reveal”: an ancient Japanese art

1 min

Plant life on the island

The importance of plants throughout the Japanese garden

1 min

The Japanese Maple

A staple of Japanese gardens

1 min

The Japanese stepping stones

Symbolic decorations

1 min


A plant with Asian roots

1 min

Pruning pines in a Japanese style

Niwaki: shaping trees into "clouds"

1 min

Erdre House

Life in and around the river

1 min

The Zen Garden

Simplicity and serenity at the heart of Erdre House.

1 min

The Japanese Cherry Blossom tree

The tree that announces that spring has sprung...

57 s


Versailles Island is an unusual space that's witnessed Nantes’ multiple transformations over the course of its history. During the 19th century the swamps here were gradually replaced by the island, and it’s had many uses since then.

Today, Versailles is home to a Japanese garden, where carefully arranged scenes reveal themselves one after another, transporting you to the eastern archipelago.

At the heart of the site, The “Maison de l’Erdre” (Erdre House) and its temporary and permanent exhibitions can help you dicover the plant and aquatic life of the river.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the quays and make the most of this island’s lush vegetation, as well as its other treasures.

To get even more out of this tour, have a go at the challenges and games at each stage.

If you have any questions, consult the “Good to know” tab. Click on the tab in the top left hand corner of the map, and then on “Tour info”.

Itinerary 689 m / 1:00

Offline map included

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