Nantes, France

Procé Park: An English-style landscaped park

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Procé Park: An English-style landscaped park

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10 tour stops


An English style park

From a rural landscape to a landscaped park

1 min

The Avenue of Perennials

Colourful and romantic scenery

1 min

The Giant Sequoia

A living monument

1 min

The Julius Caesar Bridge and the Chézine river

A Roman emperor visits Procé

47 s

The Fish Market Statues

The Ocean, the Loire and the Grand-Lieu Lake reunited in Procé Park

1 min

The Dahlias

Home to one of Nantes’ famous botanical collections

1 min

The Piou Gazebo

A structure with an eventful history

1 min

The Heathland shrubs

Flowers blooming all year round

1 min

The Procé Manor

The prophecy of Paul Bellamy

1 min

The American Tulip Tree

Summer flowers and autumn foliage

2 min


You’re about to begin your tour of Procé Park

Acting as a “green lung” for the city, it’s located at the heart of Nantes. Its shaded pathways have acted as the backdrop for many a romantic stroll over its long history.It’s also where some of Nantes’ most valuable artefacts are preserved. The extraordinary botanical collections and unique statues all contribute to the value of this park. Listen closely to discover all about them!

To get even more out of this tour, have a go at the challenges and games at each stage.

If you have any questions, consult the “Good to know” tab. Click on the tab in the top left hand corner of the map, and then on “Tour info”.

Bon Voyage!

Itinerary 1.2 km / 1:30

Offline map included

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