Nantes, France

Great Blottereau Park: A tour around the world

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Great Blottereau Park: A tour around the world

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10 tour stops


The Château at Great Blottereau

An estate marked by Nantes’ colonial past

2 min

The Greenhouses and the Tropical Agronomy garden

A century of tropical agronomy

54 s

The Ecogarden Award

Protecting local flora and fauna

2 min

The Natural Garden

Creating a natural habitat...

2 min

The American Bayou

The wetlands of Louisiana... in the middle of Nantes!

2 min

The Hill of Suncheon

The biggest Korean garden in Europe

2 min

The Banana Plantation

Giant leaves and exotic fruits

1 min

Life at Great Blottereau

Great Blottereau during the 20th century

1 min

The Tropical Labyrinth

Soak up the last bit of sunshine in this tropical sanctuary...

1 min

The Mediterranean Rockery

The Provence is invited to Nantes…

2 min


Whether you're passionate about botany, a seasoned traveller or just love wide open spaces, Great Blottereau Park has something for everyone!

The park is 22 hectares in all. You can visit the Mediterranean, Louisiana, Korea and even Africa- a tour around the world in just an hour and a half!

Listen closely to discover the park's hidden treasures and prepare yourself for a complete change of scenery...

To get even more out of this tour, have a go at the challenges and games at each stage.

If you have any questions, consult the “Good to know” tab. Click on the tab in the top left hand corner of the map, and then on “Tour info”.

Bon Voyage!

Itinerary 1.6 km / 1:30

Offline map included

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