Nantes, France

Beaujoire Park : colourful seasons

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Beaujoire Park : colourful seasons

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11 tour stops


A rosary garden of exception in a floral park

Pastures turned into a floral park and the 3d most beautiful rosary garden of France

2 min

A remarkable collection, a unique contest

A perfumed rosary garden

2 min

A rose among the roses

A garden with drawings of trees and floral bouquets

1 min

A fairy place next to the Erdre river

Perennial plants, an arena, a river…

2 min

A precious labour

The Integrated Biological Protection (IBP) or the help from auxiliaries

2 min

The heath garden

A wink to the very near Brittany

1 min

A differentiated management

A gardener’s knowledge

1 min

The iris garden

A pastel amphitheatre at spring

2 min

The international « Floralies »

The floral park, cradle of the Floralies

53 s

Magnolias, a passion in Nantes for 300 years

The national collection of reference is at the floral parc of Beaujoire

3 min

The little brick bridge...

An island and its curiosities

2 min


Real floral backdrop at the water’s edge, the elegant floral park of the Beaujoire offers beautiful point of views on the Erdre river and the promise to see flowers throughout the year.
Along with the municipal gardeners, let’s discover the collections of Magnolias, Iris, Heaters, Perennial plants and the famous perfumed roses, with an international reputation, creating really colorful palettes through the season.

To enjoy this moment as a family, don’t hesitate to answer the challenges that’ll be proposed to you.

In case you have any questions, refer to the section « Good to Know » that you’ll find by clicking on the tab « Menu » up left.

Itinerary 1.0 km / 1:30

Offline map included

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