Épineuil-le-Fleuriel, France

EN-In the steps of Large Meaulnes

EN-In the steps of Large Meaulnes

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The House School of Large Meaulnes is a testimony of the school of last century.

4 min

the town hall

First room of town hall of the village

4 min

The small class

Class where we learn to read

2 min

The senior class

The large class is Mr. Fournier, Mr. Seurel in the Grand Meaulnes .

4 min

The kitchen

My mother had started to prepare the meal, I went up three stairs

2 min

The dining room

The dining room is the heart of the house. The family found there for meals.

4 min

The Red Room

The fifth glass door to the apartment opened the Red Room of the garden.

2 min


This little heated room has little importance in the life of the family.

53 s

the antechamber

One enters the imagination of ALAIN- FOURNIER .

2 min

The attic

In this room Augustin Meaulnes tells François Seurel his escape.

2 min

The attic

There is a large attic in the middle, where give the door of the attic

4 min

The attic piailleur

I ask neither price nor money but I'd like Le Grand Meaulnes was read .

5 min


Difficult nowadays to evoke the small village of Epineuil Fleuriel without thinking of Large Meaulnes of Alain-Baker who left an indelible trace there. That which it calls Holy Agathe in her novel, testifies daily through its heritage and its landscapes to the heritage left by the young writer in this bucolic corner to Berry where it is good to be trotted.

Itinerary 1:03

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