Coutances, France

The Notre-Dame de Coutances Cathedral

The Notre-Dame de Coutances Cathedral

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11 tour stops


General Presentation of the Cathedral

Along with Mont-Saint-Michel, the cathedral is a jewel of Gothic art in Normandy

4 min

The Saint-Francis Chapel

The Saint-Francis Chapel

3 min

The South Arm of the Transept

The well and statue of the Virgin Mary are truly remarkable

4 min

The Choir

The vault is supported by six pairs of pillars

4 min

The Ambulatory and the Chiffrevast Chapel

This seigneurial chapel was used privately

4 min

The St. Lo and St. Marcouf Stained-Glass Windows

Remarkable stained-glass windows in the the ambulatory

4 min

The Circata Chapel

This is the axial chapel of the cathedral. It opens up to six gothic bays

2 min

The North Ambulatory

Three different vault heights for a double ambulatory

2 min

The Transept Crossing and the Big South Window

The large glass wall represents Judgement Day

4 min

The Chapels on the North Aisle

The north transept also has an appendix but at two levels

3 min

The Lantern Tower

The lantern tower: octagonal and flanked by its turrets

4 min


The Coutances cathedral, along with the Merveille du Mont-Saint-Michel, is the most famous jewel of Gothic art in Normandy. Erected during the early 13th century, today's structure still uses certain parts of the Romanesque cathedral, which date back to the 11th century. This will be more than just a conventional visit: you will explore one of the most beautiful Gothic monuments Normandy has to offer as it opens its most hidden doors to you.

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