Shanghai, China

Free Introductory Yu Garden Audio Guide

Free Introductory Yu Garden Audio Guide

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7 tour stops


Starting Point

Learn how Shanghai was once a prosperous market town before the foreigners arrived.

4 min

Paifang Gateway

Learn about the origin of ornate Chinese gateways

1 min

Lishui Road

Right Colours, Wrong Height

2 min

The Pixiu

The dragons with no bottoms!


Yuyuan Bazaar

Ancient market

3 min

Zig Zag Bridge

Chinese ghosts and more

3 min

Yu Gardens Ticket Office

Buy your tickets and head inside



Yu Gardens is one of the most beautiful scholarly gardens in China, but behind its ancient rockeries and wooden halls lurks a tale of corruption, greed, and incredible self-indulgence.

Download this audio guide experience to discover the truth about the man that commissioned Yu Gardens. Go in search of the secret symbols that he left behind, and discover the tragic fate of this most beautiful of gardens once its creator had passed away.

This is our free introductory version of our Yu Garden audio guide, featuring some of the sights leading up to the Yu Garden complex. To gain access to all the content including the Yu Gardens and all the nearby sights, plus bonus material please consider downloading our Full Yu Garden audio guide.

Itinerary 788 m / 20 min

Offline map included

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