Chablis, France

Chablis and its vineyard

Chablis and its vineyard

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11 tour stops


Chablis, a town surrounded by vineyards

Monks had a major role to play in the renown of wine growing in Chablis.

7 min

The Obédiencerie and the Collégiale St-Martin

Two jewels in the crown of Chablis.

5 min

The Porte Noël

Evidence of the ramparts built to protect Chablis from outside threats.

2 min

The Petit-Pontigny

It was the property of monks from the Cistercian abbey in Pontigny.


The Aire des Clos: panorama of the vineyards

The Aire des Clos offers a panoramic view over the vineyards of Chablis.

6 min

The Villages of Fleys, Viviers and Béru

Béru and its sun and moon dial, one of just two in Europe.

4 min

Poilly, Chemilly and Chichée

Along the banks of the River Serein there are many winegrowing villages to visit.

5 min

Fontenay-près-Chablis and Maligny

Two villages where winegrowing has a strong presence.

4 min

Ligny-le-Châtel, Villy and Lignorelles

A presentation and history of some of the Chablis region’s emblematic villages.

5 min

Beine, Poinchy and the winery La Chablisienne

Beine’s attractions include a wine and corkscrew museum.

5 min

Courgis and Préhy

Two villages in the Chablis area still bearing traces of the past.

7 min


As the top white wine producing region in Burgundy, the Chablis area is known throughout the world for its wines, made with the Chardonnay grape. However, there is so much more to Chablis and the surrounding area than wine, with many vestiges from the past paying testimony to a rich and eventful history. So, on foot and by car, why not come and explore the little town of Chablis, its wines and the winegrowing villages that make this area so special? Spend some time taking in the beautiful landscapes and come and meet the wine producers who will be delighted to welcome you to share their knowledge and taste their wines. Our tour begins from outside the Tourist Information Centre.

Please drink with moderation.

Itinerary 119 km / 4:00

Offline map included

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