Sutton, Canada

If these roads could speak: tales of Sutton

If these roads could speak: tales of Sutton

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24 tour stops


Sutton Tourist Office

Pearl Porter, your guide, takes you on a journey back in time.

3 min

On the way to Glen Sutton: Principale Street

The long trip between Sutton and Glen Sutton

2 min

On the way to Glen Sutton: Scenic Road

A treasure is buried in Glen Sutton!

7 min

On the way to Glen Sutton: Judd Road

A promise made to a dying man is sacred

2 min

Imagined site of the Esty farm

Pearl’s new life begins ...

5 min

Near the Glen House site

A chic hotel!

5 min

Old Inn

A promising encounter

4 min

Former School

Finally, school begins!

6 min

Former School

The incredible story of a year without summer

10 min

On the way to the cheese factory

Pearl, accidental witness to a difficult conversation

3 min

Former Glen Sutton Cheese Factory

A stroll with Charlie, happiness...

3 min

Brock House

A wedding in the village!

6 min

Burnham House

A fortuitous and decisive meeting

4 min

Missisquoi River Bridge

A fury awakes

7 min

Cushion Road: Queen Lil's Kingdom

A queen settles on the border

2 min

Cushion Road: Queen Lil's Kingdom

Meet Queen Lil, a most outstanding woman!

8 min

Near the old train station

The end of an era, the beginning of another life.

4 min

Near the former L.A. Wilson store

No more life on the farm, we move to the town!

3 min

Near the former L.A. Wilson store

A new disaster hits Glen Sutton

4 min

On the way to Good Shepherd Church

"Memories wander in memory and nest in the heart."

6 min

On the way to the cemetery

1948: electricity arrives!

1 min

Brock Cemetery

They are all here, all those people Pearl told you about.

4 min

On the way back

A last glimpse of my hamlet

55 s

On the way back

Behind the scenes...

1 min


“If these roads could speak,” they would tell you all about the colourful lives of those who lived along the border in the early 1900s, when Prohibition reigned in the United States and tourism was a growing industry. Come and enjoy this heritage radio drama, enhanced by music and sound effects. "Who knows what's waiting for you at the bend in the road, in Glen Sutton, Pearl?" The story begins when an orphaned girl comes to this hamlet in the Eastern Townships. Yes, Pearl Porter (1895 - 1982) is buried in Glen Sutton Cemetery, but her spirit will accompany you on this journey into the past. A journey along roads with scenery of breath-taking beauty, dotted with New England-style architecture, where history and legends come together, to a little hamlet nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains and where the Missisquoi river flows, sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent!
A story based on accounts by seniors in the Glen Sutton community.

Itinerary 19 km / 3:30

Offline map included

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