London, United Kingdom

London | Brick Lane with Author Tarquin Hall

London | Brick Lane with Author Tarquin Hall

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12 tour stops


Beigel Bake

This beigel shop and the one nearby are true London institutions.

6 min

Sclater Street to Pedley Street

This area has, at times, been a hotbed of racial tension.

4 min

Pedley Street to the Truman Brewery

Now home to a variety of shops, this area has drastically changed over the 100 years.

4 min

Dray Walk & the Old Truman Brewery

This alley leads into the brewery complex and is lined with cafés and shops.

3 min

Old Spitalfields Market

Like Brick Lane, this area is in flux—and it is known for its contemporary art scene.

5 min

Christ Church & Weaver Town

When this church was built, it dominated the area with its slums & tenements.

4 min

Princelet Street

The building at number 19 is strongly connected to the area’s immigrant heritage.

4 min

Taj Stores & CH N. Katz

Taj Stores is full of produce & ingredients used in traditional Bengali cooking.

5 min

Jamme Masjid Mosque

This building has served each major immigrant group’s spiritual needs over the years.

2 min

Christ Church School & Banglatown

This school, like the area, has changed drastically over the years.

1 min

Café Naz

Café Naz offers a variety of cuisine, which includes chicken tikka masala.

5 min

Osborn Street & Whitechapel Road

The Sonali Bank on Osborn Street is where many local Bangladeshis send money home.

7 min


The unique history of Brick Lane is brought to life by author Tarquin Hall in this mesmerising walk down the street that has played host to over three hundred years of immigrants. From French Huguenots weaving silk in the lofts of Spitalfields to becoming the heart of Jewish London, Brick Lane has impacted millions of lives. It is now an astonishing mix of cutting edge fashion as well as the centre of the Bangladeshi community.

The tour features exclusive interviews, original compositions and atmospheric sound effects.


Tarquin Hall is a British writer and journalist. He is the author of seven books and dozens of articles that have appeared in many British newspapers and magazines, including the Times, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Observer and New Statesman. He is also the author of "Salaam Brick Lane: A Year in the New East End".

Itinerary 1.4 km / 1:00

Offline map included

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