Glasgow City, United Kingdom

Ghost Signs of Glasgow, City Centre Map

Ghost Signs of Glasgow, City Centre Map

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7 tour stops


Jacobean Corsetry

A corsetry wholesaler who supplied 30,000 corsets annually nationwide.


Boys found playing

Don't go playing balls or marbles here!


Wylie & Lochhead

Wylie & Lochhead, Mitchell Street


Argyll Arcade

Scotland's first indoor shopping mall and still home to more than 30 jewellers


The Teacher building

The former HQ of Teacher's whisky,


Sponge Shop

Natural sponges sold here would have come from places like Florida and the Med!


The Typewriter Repair Co.

The Typewriter Repair Co., 56 Oswald Street



A tour of Ghost Signs in Glasgow’s City Centre, featuring shops selling everything from sponges to corsets to typewriters!

Ghost Signs of Glasgow was started in 2018 by Glasgow City Heritage Trust. Ghost signs, the fading remains of old painted signs on buildings, provide an invaluable insight into Glasgow’s architectural, social and cultural history. However, many of them hide in plain sight, obscured by the urban landscape around them and leaving them vulnerable to being lost forever. This project unearths the stories behind these old signs and shopfronts across the city and captures them for posterity.

Enjoy exploring!

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Itinerary 1.1 km / 1:00

Offline map included

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