Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Cheltenham - Montpellier, Regency Rambles

Cheltenham - Montpellier, Regency Rambles

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14 tour stops


The Promenade

This major thoroughfare is Cheltenham’s grandest street.

6 min

Neptune Fountain

This extravagant fountain was built in 1893 out of Portland stone.

2 min

Queen’s Hotel

This hotel stands on the site of the Sherborne Spa, also known as the Imperial Spa.

2 min

Fauconberg Road & Montpellier Street

This junction marks the start of the Montpellier area of Cheltenham.

2 min

Montpellier Walk

This area features a 19th-century shopping arcade and several caryatid statues.

2 min

The Rotunda

A bank since 1882, this beautiful building was originally the Montpellier Spa.

2 min

Lansdown Estates

This section of Cheltenham is a popular & impressive residential area.

3 min

Suffolk Square

This area of Cheltenham contains a series of beautiful Regency-era residences.

2 min

Suffolk Parade

This street features antique, craft, and dress shops.

1 min

Cheltenham College

This school features diverse architecture dating back to the early 19th century.

3 min

Montpellier Gardens

Laid out in the early 19th century, these gardens feature a bandstand & gallery.

2 min

Montpellier Spa Road

Although the terraced housing here seems Regency-era, it was actually built in 1995.

1 min

Imperial Square

The fountain of Napoleon here was looted during the Napoleonic Wars.

1 min

Cheltenham Town Hall

Built in the Baroque style, the town hall doesn’t quite match most of Cheltenham.

2 min


A 60-minute walk around the Regency centre of Cheltenham, including: the War Memorial; the Neptune fountain; Imperial Gardens; the Queens Hotel; Cheltenham Ladies’ College; the site of the original Montpellier Spa; Lansdown Crescent; the Gordon Lamp; Suffolk Square; the Daffodil (former art deco cinema); Cheltenham College; the birthplace of polar explorer Edward Wilson; Montpellier Gardens; and the Town Hall.

Itinerary 2.8 km / 1:00

Offline map included

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