Canterbury, United Kingdom

Canterbury - Heritage Highlights

Canterbury - Heritage Highlights

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10 tour stops


Christ Church Gate

Built in 1520, this gate is a memorial to Prince Arthur, brother to King Henry VIII.

3 min

St. Thomas Church

Distinctly different from Canterbury Cathedral, this church features a modern look.

2 min

City Walls

Since Roman times, Canterbury has been encompassed by a roughly circular wall.

1 min

Lady Wootton’s Green

Unveiled in 2006, the pair of statues here represent King Ethelbert and Queen Bertha.

3 min

St. Augustine’s Abbey

Originally dedicated to Peter & Paul, the abbey was later rededicated to Augustine.

3 min

St. Martin’s Church

This ancient church features Roman brick, visible from both the interior & exterior.

2 min

The Hall

This building is an example of a typical 15th-century rural house.

1 min

St. George’s Roundabout to Watling Street

Walking along the city wall here affords great views, especially of Dane John Gardens

1 min

Dane John Gardens

The ancient mound in the garden offers a nice view of the city.

1 min

Butchery Lane & Canterbury Cathedral

This narrow lane offers an excellent place to photograph Canterbury Cathedral.

7 min


A 60-minute walk passing by classic city highlights, including the city’s three World Heritage Site locations: Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s Church. Other highlights include the Findon Gate, the ancient city walls, and Dane John Gardens.

Itinerary 2.8 km / 1:00

Offline map included

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