Wyndford, United Kingdom

Maryhill's Canal

Maryhill's Canal

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12 tour stops


Maryhill Burgh Halls

Learn about the halls and about the development of the town of Maryhill.

3 min

Baths and Wash House

A little more about this building and the City Coat of Arms

3 min

Gairbraid Avenue

How did Maryhill get it's name?

1 min

The Valley

From industry to housing.

1 min


The Papermarker stained glass window

1 min

Kelvin Aqueduct

A brief history of the Forth & Clyde

4 min

Maryhill Locks

How did the Butney get it's name?

1 min

Kelvin Docks

From a cathedral to the D-Day landings

2 min

The White House Inn

The first...

1 min

Maryhill Road Aqueduct

The Canal Boatman stained glass window is set right here!

57 s

Stockingfield Junction

The stop locks

41 s

Maryhill Engine Works

The Engineer Stained Glass window

57 s


Take a walk around the Forth & Clyde Canal and unlock the story of Maryhill's canal.

The walk starts at Maryhill Burgh Halls where you will find out more about their famous stained glass windows. Wander down to the Kelvin to see the visible remains of the papermill and onto the aqueduct which carries the canal across the river. This was designed by Robert Whitworth and when it opened in 1790 it caused quite a stir with people travelling from all over to see it! Heading up the canal locks you'll learn about the role the canal played in the Second World War before returning to the Burgh Hall.

Please note the walk includes stairs.

Itinerary 2.3 km / 1:30

Offline map included

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