Nottingham, United Kingdom

The George Africanus Heritage Trail

The George Africanus Heritage Trail

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3 tour stops


George Africanus Green Plaque, St Mary's Church

The site of the George Africanus green plaque


The Major Oak, Nottingham

The site of the George Africanus blue plaque


Pathways Mural, Hyson Green

Nottingham's first black art mural



Nottingham has a rich history - from stories of Robin Hood to Torvil and Dean. However, there is one figure who has been absent from existing heritage tours of Nottingham: George Africanus.

Known best as Nottingham's first black entrepreneur, having founded a registry service that helped ex-slaves find employment with wealthy Nottinghamshire families.

As part of my MA in Landscape and Culture at The University of Nottingham, I am researching the role the heritage sites for George Africanus have had in shaping peoples' identities and experiences of Nottingham's landscape. This trail is an opportunity to discover the places that celebrate this fantastic, but often overlooked, figure in Nottingham's history, and understand the legacy these places have in shaping identity.

Have a look around and take a moment to reflect on what impact George's life story can have on yours...

Itinerary 2.8 km / 2:00

Offline map included

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